Knowledgeable machine operators and technical personnel are more productive than untrained workers and cause less wear on machines. Knowledgeable operators and technical staff will also be safer for themselves and others working nearby. Properly trained operators will be more respectful of their equipment and will take more care of it before, during and after construction tasks. This will save you money on repairs and replacements.

Operator and technical personnel training should be included in your preventive maintenance program. Operators have to know more than how to operate their machines. They need to be aware of what routine, daily maintenance tasks are required and how to perform them without errors.

Operator and technical personnel training may include operator manual review, demonstration of systems and all controls. Tests can also be part of training to ensure operators acquire the right skills, including pre- and post-operative maintenance tasks.

In addition, checklists for operators are valuable tools, so small but important maintenance steps are made and not forgotten.

The training process doesn't have to be complicated or lengthy. Clear communication about a machine's limitations as well as instructions on controls and monitoring systems will help increase the life of your vital machines.

Trained operators and technical personnel are the forerunners of any damage or early warning signs that a machine is headed for failure. Operators trained to recognize fault indicators and bring them to your attention are exceptional insurance that small, inexpensive problems do not turn into large, costly problems.

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