Boom Repairs

Boom repairs
We can repair damaged telescopic and cage type booms. Our workflow for repairs is as follows.

Before Repair
Before starting the repair, we prepare our project. We check the strength of the material, prepare the Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) and Repair Plan, and make sure that all conditions in the workshop are optimal. We then take all the correct measurements of the boom, recheck all materials and consumables, and take pictures of any repairs that need to be made. If anything is not up to expectations, we notify our customer directly for feedback so that there is no delay in the repair process. Finally, we prepare the team by providing all available information, thoroughly discussing the best possible repair for a perfect result and a new crane for our client.

According to the Repair Plan and Welding Procedure Specification made before the repair, we carry out the repairs in the following stages. Partial replacement or complete replacement of the complete boom tub Generating new sections by reusing only the ends of a damaged boom All steel and welding materials are manufacturer quality By following the welding procedure with certified welders

NDT - Non-destructive testing
Non-destructive testing (Non-destructive testing, in short: NDT) is a type of inspection that is done without damaging the integrity of the material or part to be examined. Welding qualities are examined by choosing the most suitable non-destructive testing method for repairs.

Reporting and Certification
All plans followed and all repairs made are reported. In the same process, expert welding engineers perform non-destructive testing of all repairs and are certified by an accredited organization according to ISO 9712 (EN 473) and ASNT CP-189-2011 standards.

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